About Us

1. Executive Summary

The Khmer Mekong Food Co. is a leading food manufacturing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and  using German Technology  which established in 2006.

The KMF aim to create jobs and push farmers to grow more crop and provide safe and quality Natural Fruit Juices to customer.

All fruits as raw materials for the processing of Natural Fruit Juices are bought direct from the farmers along the Mekong River.

Vision:  Best life‘s people in the world on the value of KMF’s food product.

Mission: Continual Improvement for safe and high Nutritious KMF-Fruit Juices  to satisfy world‘s customer.


Field of Business: KMF produces today pure Pineapple Juice, Guava Juice, Mango juice, Tamarind Drink and Carrot with orange juice and passion with carrot, papaya and pumpkin juices and Aloe Vera mix with soursop juice.


Products are supplied to middle and high classed consumer, who care their health. Our market segments are Super Markets, Mini Marts, Drink shops at petroleum stations, University’s canteens, guest houses, restaurants, internet cafés  hotels, tourist places and will export in the tomorrow certified GMP and HACCP.

Organization:  work  based on Job description, standard operating procedure (SOP), production flow charts, QA base on Food Safety Management System GMP and HACCP with the policy everybody build up the  quality and taking care of customer’s satisfaction based on continuous improvement.

Motivation: all employees understand that customer gives us jobs and salary.

2. Company Profile and Organization

2.1. Company Profile


The Khmer Mekong Food Co.(KMF) is a leading manufacturing in Natural Fruit Juices in Phnom Penh, and using    German Technology since 2006.

We are  producing Natural Fruit Juices such as Pineapple Juice, Guava Juice and Tamarind Drink, Mango juice, carrot mix with orange, passion fruit mix with carrot, papaya and pumpkin, Aloe Vera mix with soursop juice. 

 The initiative comes from the production manager who finished his Master of Science in Engineering for Food Technology from the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany in the year 1993 and then worked in Food Laboratory as a food analyst in Cambodia.

All fruits as raw materials for the processing are bought direct from the farmers along the Mekong River.

Vision: Best life's people in the world on the  the value of the KMF- Food products.

Mission: Continual improvement for safe and high nutritous KMF- Food products to satisfy wold's customer.


        The Khmer Mekong Food Co. has the goal to reduce poverty of the poor people by create jobs and push the farmer to grow more crops by buying their agricultural products. As above picture means that: the farmer supply their fruits to the KMF and then KMF process it in to value added Natural Fruit Juices. The safe and best quality natural fruit juices are distributed to respective consumer. The healthy consumer work as best employee   in government or private sector. And the government or private sector supply technical, agricultural material, equipment and fertilizer to farmer. The small arrow is the products flow and the opposite big arrow is the money flow. 

Field of Business:

          KMF produces only the best quality natural fruit juices without preservative and artificial color or flavors. The products of KMF such as pure Pineapple Juice, Guava Juice, Mango Juice and Tamarind Drink are supplied to middle and high classed consumer, who care their health. Our market segments are Super Market, Drink shops at petroleum station, University’s canteens, guest houses, Hotels, restaurants, and internet cafés and where are tourist places.

Quality activity and quality policy

      The quality and safety of our fruit juices is a primary concern of the Khmer Mekong Food Co. We implement hygiene and safety regulation along with other components of quality assurance and total quality management to achieve:

-      Product that satisfies consumers’ expectation;

-      product that is safe;

          -      Product that complies with best quality and requirement of the society;   

          -      Product at competitive price;

          -      Stable or increase market share.

     To approach all above mention we comply the guidelines of Codex Alimentarius, GMP and HACCP which are international accepted.

Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP):

- Location:  we choose the location which is free from dust, odor, smoke, and contaminant and avoid of flooding.


- Building: is designed easy and adequate to clean; disinfect and facilitate proper supervision of food hygiene.

- Door and window 

- Water supply:  hot, cold water and steam for the processing, we use portable water.

- Sanitary facilities: toilet, hand washing, disinfection and hand drying are available. The drainage system is designed to avoid of drainage back up and flooding flour. Installed closed drainage for removal of blockages and for rodent and insect-proofed at the point of exit from the factory.

- Raw materials and receiving and storage area: raw material, ingredient received and storage are separated from processing and post-processing area and kept free from steam, vapor and surplus water.

- Preparation and processing area and Equipment: processing area is isolated from raw material receiving and storage.

 All equipments and utensil used in contact with food are made of material which does not toxic and contaminant to product and resistance to corrosion, easy to clean and disinfect and locate them in visible position for easy inspection and maintenance.

- Temperature control: all heat sources, heat exchanger for pasteurization of fruit juice and packaging sterilizer are installed with thermometers to control temperature.

- Post processing area: is designed to store finished products and separate from processing area and keep clean.

Personal Hygiene

      Personnel working with fresh fruits to produce fruit juices are trained in hygienic handling of edible products and understand in personnel hygiene to prevent cross and environmental contamination. Person who is carrying or suffering from any decease, wound, skin infection, sore throat or diarrhea, not allow to work. The bad behaviors such as eating, smoking, chewing and spitting processing area are prohibited.

      All personnel must wear protective clothing, head covering, mouth covering, foot wear and glove. Employee must wash their hands frequently thoroughly before working, after using a toilet and after every break.

       Avery visitor must wear protective clothing and respect to the personnel hygiene rule.

Hygienic Processing

       Hygienic processing practice consists of:

- all fruits are selected from farmers are not used pesticide;

-  minimize bacteria by washing all fruits before peeling;

-  selected only good quality and sound fruits not damage;

-  quick process to keep initial microbial loads small or not increased by time;

-  all ingredients for processing are complied to Codex Alimentarius standard;

- During the process of juice extraction by screw pressing, filtering, mixing and standardizing, sterilizing, pasteurizing, filling and capping, personnel must held to personal hygiene rule.

Product container and Pallets

   All packaging materials, product container and pallets must be stored in clean and hygienic manner. New pallets must be clean and disinfection before enter in stored room.

Effluent and Waste disposal

   Waste materials and effluents are good handled to exclude contamination of raw materials, finished products and portable water and processing area. 

Products coding and trace ability

    The finished fruit juices in glass bottles has to write  lot number and coding to identify producing factory, manufacturing and expiry date. We implemented the record keeping of the products process, batch and invoice and local of distributed places.

Products Recall  

    We use the batch record and suspect batch/batches we recall where these items are in storage, in transit to distributors, in distributors’ storage or already with customers.

    Recall decision are based on safety, product liability and customer satisfaction. KMF inform also to distributors/customer what we take corrective and preventive action.

Cleaning and disinfection Program

     The KMF has the program to clean and disinfection all floor of processing area, equipments, utensils and tanks, tables and measure instruments:

- after every processing

- before commencing of producing

      Windows, doors, and walls and floor are clean and disinfection at the end of the operation day.

Application of the Principal of HACCP

HACCP is a principal to ensure food safety from farm to table. This means to identify potential hazard are linkage to food production all stages, from growing, processing, manufacture, and distribution, until the point of consumption. The potential hazards are biological, chemical and physical property that affected to food safety.

      The Khmer Mekong Food Co. can not apply completely all the principals but majority of it. What KMF has been done are:

- All fruits are selected direct from farms where they do not spray pesticides;

            - Washing all fruits and selected only good quality before peeled;

            - Product description, identify intended use for consumer,

            - Create process flow diagram of each product;

            - List all hazards associated with each step and list of any preventive measures to control hazard;

            - Identify the critical control point (CCP) in all stages and established measurements of Temperature, pH-value and time, visual appearance, organoleptic parameters;

            - Established corrective action for each critical control point and bring the process back into control before deviation leads to a safety hazard;

            - Established record keeping and documentation: ingredients, processing, packaging, storage and distribution

Implement of Quality Assurance

            The KMF conducting the quality Assurance to assure that the products are 100 % safe suitable for consumption. The QA consist of:

            - Inspection of all raw materials, labeling all ingredients to avoiding confuses; 

             - Calibration all of measured instruments such as pH-meter, Thermometer, Scale and Refractometer;

              - Inspection finale products and conduct sensory test to ensure that no poor quality fruit juices are sent to consumer;

              - Writing the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each product to operators.

2.2. Organization of KMF


Because of KMF is a small scale manufacture; we have only 11 work forces and build up a team work as a family or friend. 



3. Company Policy on Quality

Top Manager:        

 Implement the daily management base on PDCA-circle, and all staff and operators work based on respective Job description and SOP, (Standard operating procedure)

The production supervisor and manager are controlled all program of sanitation of Establishment, Personal hygiene, hygienic process, conformity to principal of HACCP and Quality Assurance.


 Consist of G. Manager, Production supervisor and marketing supervisor. The team conducts quality assurance policy by establish testing and checking manual and evaluation data.

QC-Team/ QCC: consist of all supervisors and all staffs. The supervisors conduct process controls to conform the standards by the phrase “Build Quality in the Process” inspection and maintenance final products until in the shops.

5. Key Issue with TQM Implementation

- Key Activity in company


TQM-Implementation of KMF base on Dr. Deming PDCA-circle