About Us - Company Policy on Quality

3. Company Policy on Quality

Top Manager:        

 Implement the daily management base on PDCA-circle, and all staff and operators work based on respective Job description and SOP, (Standard operating procedure)

The production supervisor and manager are controlled all program of sanitation of Establishment, Personal hygiene, hygienic process, conformity to principal of HACCP and Quality Assurance.


 Consist of G. Manager, Production supervisor and marketing supervisor. The team conducts quality assurance policy by establish testing and checking manual and evaluation data.

QC-Team/ QCC: consist of all supervisors and all staffs. The supervisors conduct process controls to conform the standards by the phrase “Build Quality in the Process” inspection and maintenance final products until in the shops.

5. Key Issue with TQM Implementation

- Key Activity in company


TQM-Implementation of KMF base on Dr. Deming PDCA-circle