About Us

1. Executive Summary

The Khmer Mekong Food Co. is a leading food manufacturing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and  using German Technology  which established in 2006.

The KMF aim to create jobs and push farmers to grow more crop and provide safe and quality Natural Fruit Juices to customer.

All fruits as raw materials for the processing of Natural Fruit Juices are bought direct from the farmers along the Mekong River.

Vision:  Best life‘s people in the world on the value of KMF’s food product.

Mission: Continual Improvement for safe and high Nutritious KMF-Fruit Juices  to satisfy world‘s customer.


Field of Business: KMF produces today pure Pineapple Juice, Guava Juice, Mango juice, Tamarind Drink and Carrot with orange juice and passion with carrot, papaya and pumpkin juices and Aloe Vera mix with soursop juice.


Products are supplied to middle and high classed consumer, who care their health. Our market segments are Super Markets, Mini Marts, Drink shops at petroleum stations, University’s canteens, guest houses, restaurants, internet cafés  hotels, tourist places and will export in the tomorrow certified GMP and HACCP.

Organization:  work  based on Job description, standard operating procedure (SOP), production flow charts, QA base on Food Safety Management System GMP and HACCP with the policy everybody build up the  quality and taking care of customer’s satisfaction based on continuous improvement.

Motivation: all employees understand that customer gives us jobs and salary.